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Wildlife removal Guelph. Effective service, guaranteed results. Our staff is trained, licensed and skilled to locate raccoons, squirrels or skunks from every corner of your home, garden, lawn or crawlspace and seal their entrance points permanently. Call us at 647-496-4484 and our technician will assist you in booking an inspection appointment. Post the inspection, we will discuss with you the extent of wildlife invasion on your property and provide you with the best possible solution.

With the widespread of wildlife in urban areas, homeowners feel utterly helpless when their homes are invaded by raccoons, squirrels and skunks. These nuisance animals not only invade your home for nesting purposes but also steal and contaminate your food and spread diseases. If you realize that you have a wildlife invasion in your home, it is best to get professional wildlife removal services to help rid you of these troublesome animals. At Wildlife Removal Guelph, we not only help you eradicate such pesky animals in a humane way but also provide control procedures to keep these animals at bay, so that you do not face similar invasion problems in the future.


Raccoons are active all year round, they are nocturnal and are known to cause extensive damage to roofs, soffits, attics as well as gardens. Raccoons are dangerous wildlife to have around your home. Apart from the risk of raccoon attacks, which could leave you or your pet with the risk of contracting the dreaded Rabies virus from an infected animal, these bandit-masked intruders are also capable of passing on several diseases and conditions to humans as well as other animals.


Squirrels make their way into attics during the winter months when they search for shelter. When they enter an attic they can cause havoc. They are active during the day, they chew wires, tear up insulation and can contaminate an area. The holes they make in your home and garden, the bark they strip off ornamental trees and the chewing up of wires etc. should be enough reason to keep squirrels away. Of course, their ability to pass on serious diseases (including the dreaded Lyme Disease) is yet another strong reason.


Skunks are active during the summer months. They burrow under decks and in gardens. They carry rabbies and can damage gardens and of course cause disturbances to you, your family and pets. While people usually associate skunks only with the foul odour they are capable of emitting to ward off danger, these animals are also carriers of several bacteria and viruses. Their burrowing habits too cause problems on the property front. Therefore, even though skunks may seem like shy animals, keeping them off your premises is strongly recommended.


Pigeons readily adjust to the surroundings as well as many of the birds residing in other urban areas as well as cities are becoming a standard sight. Their resourcefulness in making nests made from things that are changing makes them more difficult to remove and irritating. Birds may seem beautiful from afar but when living in close proximity, they can certainly prove to be a nuisance. Whether it is the filth they create through their droppings, the noise they make with their fluttering, or the drains and sewers they clog with the material they use to build their nests, birds can indeed prove a 24/7 problem in several ways.


BatsĀ are the only mammals capable of flight, bats are very beneficial to the environment because they consume a fantastic number of flying insect such as mosquitoes. However, bats can also be considered nuisances, particularly when they decide to build a nest in your attic. Many species, such as small brown bats and big brown bats, can populate attics and grow in massive colonies and spread diseases to you and your family members. Call us today in you need help dealing with bats on your property.

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