There is a raccoon out during the day is it rabid

There is a raccoon out during the day, is it rabid?

Most people are aware that raccoons are nocturnal and that a raccoon running around during the day must be rabid because raccoons don’t do that. The truth is Raccoons have many reasons to be outside in the day. They could be desperate for food or shelter, trying to find a place to rest. They can, of course, also be rabid. 

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Now the important thing is to know the difference between a rabid raccoon and a raccoon just looking for food in the day time. This will tell you whether you need to start running or not. 

Its actually very common for nursing mothers to come out in the day looking for extra food to eat so they can feed their young. They are not especially dangerous if you keep away from them and their young but don’t approach them, raccoon mothers are crazy and will try to scratch your face off. 

Rabid raccoons are pretty obvious when they have rabies. They tend to look extremely ill and lethargic. They wander around in circles and fall over a lot. They also tend to make some very strange sounds that you normally wouldn’t hear a raccoon make. In general it will act very strange and very aggressive. If you get close they will start hissing and likely attack you, giving you rabies in the process. 

The important thing to take away from this is that if you see a raccoon, at night or in the day, stay away from it, don’t approach it don’t bother it. Leave it alone and you won’t get attacked. Don’t try to feed raccoons, don’t try to pet them. All of these things are dangerous and if the raccoon is rabid the results could be deadly.