What are some humane, effective way of repelling raccoons

What are some humane, effective way of repelling raccoons

Raccoons may seem cute but they’re actually disease-packed vermin that want to eat your trash and live in your attic. If you want to get rid of them you have a number of options. In this case, we will be talking about repellent. Now if all you are worried about are raccoons getting into your trash then these may be enough, but this is not an effective way to get a raccoon out of your house or attic. 

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The sad truth is repellents don’t really work. Wolf urine doesn’t work because most city raccoons have never even seen a wolf. But there are some that may be effective in certain situations.

Raccoon eviction fluid is made from the urine and gland secretions of an adult male raccoon. Delicious, right? It’s best if it’s a large, dominant raccoon you get the urine from. Now, this is no use against a male raccoon going through your garbage. He doesn’t care if there is another bigger male nearby. But females who are raising babies are very affected by the smell and tend to take their babies and leave the area. This is because adult male raccoons will kill babies that are not their children. 

Now, this is not guaranteed, obviously, it’s just a repellent and may not get the female to leave with her babies. But if you spread it liberally around the area and the entryway it could be enough to scare a female with babies out of your attic for good. 

Some people also say that hot pepper is a useful trick. You can use it as a spray or a paste but it has to be really, really hot. Like 5 alarm fire hot. You can spray or baste it on anything you don’t want animals to touch, like your garbage can. Now of this is crazy messy and will get all over your hands and then like an idiot you’ll touch your eyes and freak out because now your eyes are burning, but it can be an effective repellent for garbage snatching raccoons.