Raccoon Removal Guelph

Raccoon Removal Guelph. We offer effective and efficient raccoon removal services at affordable prices. We inspect thoroughly, locate the entry points and repair all the damage caused by the animals. We remove the raccoons either physicaly or via the use of a one way door. Have a professional animal control specialist make sure that all animals are out and make sure that no other animal can get back in. Call us at 226-798-0749 and book an inspection appointment.

This is how they can easily remember their way around certain areas. So, even if you try to have them removed from your property and take them not too far away, they will find their way back home.  Raccoons chew on your roof to gain access into your attic. This creates a hole in your roof that could lead to further property damages, due to rains and other weather changes.

Raccoons are medium sized mammals with spiral striped tails and a black eye mask like those of bandits. Raccoons are known to invade urban homes in search of food and shelter. They mainly invade attics as these places provide warmth and safety, especially during the cold winter months. This wildlife animal has a good memory and can store information up to a minimum of 3 years.

Raccoon Problems

Raccoons invade homes and commercial properties, as both these settings provide the shelter and nesting area that raccoons mainly look for. Mainly, the mother raccoon goes in search for places to care for her young. Raccoons give birth to approximately 4 babies, or kits, at a time. To feed herself and her young ones, she raids your kitchen, trash cans and bird feeders for food items, leftovers and seeds.

Health Hazards

Raccoons are carriers of some dangerous pathogens that threaten your health and the health of your family. These disease causing bacteria are usually left behind on food items or surfaces that the raccoons come in contact with. It thus spreads to the humans who reside in close proximity to raccoons. Hence, as soon as you realize that you have a raccoon invasion, you need to call professional removal services to safely remove these bothersome wildlife creatures.

Having raccoons invade your home could result in additional expenditure as these wildlife animals chew and destroy the insulation in your home. Once raccoons have made a comfortable spot for themselves in your attic, it is almost impossible to get rid of them. We at Raccoon Removal Guelph think otherwise. Our skilled and experienced staff is an expert at trapping these mammals and carefully removing them from your property. We also locate all their access points and seal them permanently. This ensures that you have no future invasion problems.

Our staff at Raccoon Removal Guelph have years of experience in trapping and safely removing raccoons. We use innovative and humane measures to get rid of these masked miscreants. We investigate the level of invasion and also check for damages caused. Our staff will carry out the removal process effectively and put control measures in place to keep such wildlife at bay. For raccoon removal services in Guelph call: 226-798-0749