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Skunk Removal Guelph

Skunk Removal Guelph. Our professional technicians have the tool and expertise to solve skunk problems once and for all. We offer safe and humane removal methods to eradicate skunks from your property. Call us at 226-798-0749 and book an inspection appointment.

Skunks belong to the weasel family. They are nocturnal in nature and will usually be sighted in your gardens or lawns during late night hours. These mammals have started to invade urban dwellings as there is an abundant of food and water sources available. Skunks feed on smaller animals that mainly fall in the pest category. This characteristic may make them a favorite among some home owners, while many others may not share the same opinion. This is due to the fact, that in their search for prey, they destroy gardens and lawns by uprooting plants and damaging other vegetation. They even create burrows and this makes your gardens look messy and untidy.


Skunk Problems

Skunks are small sized mammals that forage for food and water during the night time. They are known to survive on plants and smaller animals and insects. They mainly eat rats, mice, moles and other rodents and even feast on insects such as grasshoppers, crickets and insect larvae. Skunks are also famous for their digging behavior. In the act they uproot plants and vegetation and cause extensive damages in your garden. Skunks choose to live in crawlspaces that are mainly found under your porch or deck. They chew through the foundation and make their burrows in such low lying places.

Potential Health Perils

Skunks mainly breed and have off springs during the winter season. Each litter consists of approximately 6 little ones. However, not all of its young can survive the harsh cold of the winter season. On an average, approximately 2 or 3 make it till the end. The young ones are fast learners and even though they may follow their mother around for about a year, they are soon left to fend for themselves. Skunks are carriers of various bacteria that could affect humans if they come in close contact with one. They also carry fleas and ticks that transfer on to pets and other domestic animals on your property. Some skunks are rabid and their bites or scratches could be dangerous.

Skunk Removal and Control

We at Skunk Removal Guelph offer you safe, humane, affordable and guaranteed skunk removal solutions to rid you of your pest dilemmas. We also provide control measures to help you avoid future wildlife invasions. Our services are available 7 days a week, so you can call us at 226-798-0749 and book an inspection appointment.