Most Common Skunk Attractants

Most Common Skunk Attractants

Skunks are well known for their awful odour, which is enough to send anyone nauseating. This bad odour is also enough to keep dogs and other predators away from skunks, something that makes it easy for them to invade any property, especially where there are attractants. These animals can cause extensive damage to your lawn and plants as they look for food. Occasionally, skunks have been found inside garages especially if they find them open, and these are some of the clear reasons as to why you should do everything possible to keep them at bay. It is important to however note that as with all other pests, skunks are attracted to the inhabited areas by a number of things. Below are some of the most common skunk attractants you should know and keep away:

Oily meats and foods

Oily meats and foods are some of the major attractants for skunks owing to their strong sense of smell. Due to this, meat-based baits have over the years been a popular solution for many property owners seeking to catch the pests with the aim of removing them from their compounds. Skunks will be attracted greatly to things such as pet foods, and garbage thus making it necessary to remove these or secure them tightly at night. Anything meaty including fish, fresh insect larvae, peanut butter and chicken entrails are some of the most powerful attractants that will keep skunks roaming your compound at night.

Favourable nesting sites

Apart from foods, skunks are also attracted greatly by environments that seem ideal for their habitation. Some of the most common places where you are likely to find skunk dens in your property include rock and woodpiles, openings under porches, concrete slabs, and elevated sheds and under house structures where there are crawl spaces. Changing the habitat can greatly help keep skunks off or at least discourage them from finding residence within your property.


Skunks also like easting pests including brown recluse spiders, wasps, scorpions, moles, bees, mice and snakes among others. Well, this could be informed by the fact that these are meaty but whatever the reasoning; skunks can be a good way of controlling pests naturally. They will also be attracted by things such as grasshoppers and you might therefore find them in your property in case you have a garden. They also like sweet berries.

While considering some of the most common attractants for skunks, it will be worth noting that these animals are not exclusively nocturnal. Nursing skunks have a tendency of roaming around during the day in search of food to feed their young ones thus providing them with ample time to protect themselves at night. Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised if you meet a skunk during the day. Get professional skunk removal services.