Raccoon in a house: what to do if a raccoon is in your home

Raccoon in a house: what to do if a raccoon is in your home

Raccoons are tenacious little buggers. They will rip at your siding and chew through your wood and rip off vents and peel the siding off of roves. It seems impossible to stop them.

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This is because raccoons are bold and inquisitive animals that like to explore their environment, and sometimes that environment includes your house. While in your home the raccoon is likely to gnaw on things and pee and poop all over the place if that wasn’t obvious already. They are easily spooked and getting them out can be very, very hard.

There are a few ways to deal with this but step number one is to make sure you stay safe. If the raccoon looks ill or rabid, stay the heck away from it! In that case, you would want to contact a professional. 

It’s important not to seek out confrontation with the raccoon because they will not attack you in this situation but they will defend themselves. If it looks like it’s going to attack you, leave the room.

Now you can try spraying repellent, or leading the animal out of the house with dog food like hansel and Gretal, but what is not recommended are traps. Traps are overly complicated and for a short-term situation like a raccoon in your house, it’s hardly worth the stress. They are also unlikely to work as the raccoon has likely seen a trap get one of its friends and won’t fall for it a second time. 

Another interesting way to get the raccoon out is with a broom, you can slowly push the raccoon towards the door without having to touch it directly. 

Whatever it is you choose to do, once you get the raccoon out of your house you will definitely need to clean and sterilize the area. You can do this on your own or you can call in professionals but remember that raccoon poop and urine are very dangerous and need to be removed and sterilized.