There is a dead raccoon in my yard, how do I dispose of it

There is a dead raccoon in my yard, how do I dispose of it?

Encountering a dead raccoon on your property is probably the worst thing that will ever happen to you. The smell alone, in combination with the raccoons’ feces and urine, will be like the smell of death. It is very difficult to clean because it is riddled with diseases and parasites that cause serious medical issues and even death. 

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It’s important, however, to get rid of it quickly. A dead raccoon is a beacon for other wildlife that would want to eat it or take over its territory. 

A dead raccoon is a cesspit of disease. Simply touching it can infect you with multiple illnesses. Yes, you can get rabies from a dead raccoon but it is transmitted through the saliva so you would have to get some of that saliva in an open wound. 

The feces and urine would have sunk into the ground cause the ground to become toxic with the diseases and parasites in the poop and urine. If your children or pets play in that area before it has been sterilized they could catch any of that illness even though the raccoon corpse was removed and the fecal matter and urine cleaned up. You will also need to dig up a few feet of soil to properly sterilize the area and possibly use a blow torch to guarantee sterilization.

That is only the ground underneath it, how do you get rid of the actual raccoon. Well, you will need a respirator and full covering clothing, you will need a double-layered plastic garbage bag and a shovel. Get the animal into the bag and then get any feces and urine into the bag.

Dispose of it immediately and then boil your clothing and tools. 

After all of this, the area should be safe for use. But if it sounds like a lot of work you can call Raccoon Control, we can do it all for you and leave the location sterilized and smelling wonderful. 

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