How to safely clean raccoon feces

How to safely clean raccoon feces

Raccoon feces are extremely dangerous. It must be properly cleaned or they can cause serious harm to people and animals. If not disinfected after it is cleaned it can cause all kinds of terrible health issues. 

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They are also annoying as hell. They stain surfaces and give off a terrible smell. 

As we press on building more and more and taking away more and more of the raccoons’ natural habitat we will see more and more raccoon infestations. Raccoons have already mostly adapted to human life and fewer and fewer know how to survive in the wild. 

Raccoons are also primary carriers of rabies which makes them a highly dangerous thing to have in an urban or suburban environment. Especially if children are around. Make sure to educate your children on the danger of raccoons and why they should never go near them and certainly never touch them. 

Raccoons, most of the time, are selective of where they poop. They will often make a latrine in your yard that will be filled with diseased feces. Getting rid of it is not so easy. You will need a lot of protection like full covering clothing and a ventilator and you will need to shovel everything into garbage bags. Then you have to boil all your tools and clothing, or just throw it away because it will be covered in roundworm eggs. 

This all sounds really fun right, there’s more. The soil is toxic now and filled with disease so you will have to dig up about 3 feet of dirt and threw it in trash bags and get rid of it. So say goodbye to your flower garden if a raccoon decides to start using it as a toilet. 

It’s much smarter to get professionals in to do it for you. 

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