Humane raccoon trapping and removal

Humane raccoon trapping and removal

If you have a raccoon on your property or in your home then you need to get rid of it as soon as possible. Most people jump to trapping as a perfect solution. Trap the animal, take it far away and release it. Yea that works, sometimes. You can also make the problem much worse by trying to trap the animal. In Canada you can not kill a raccoon, so they must be relocated. 

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Most of the time raccoons only know about a block radius of the world. They have never travelled farther from that area. When you relocate them they will be in an entirely new place they have never been before and will not know how to handle it. For this reason, most relocated raccoons quickly die in the wild or even a few blocks away. 

Its also important to remember that for most of the year female raccoons are raising children, trapping the raccoon guarantee the children will die. The raccoon will return to the location and will rip your roof apart to get to its babies. 

Trapping a raccoon is very difficult. They are very smart and often aren’t tricked by the trap mechanism and even find other ways to get the bait. Even if a raccoon does get trapped they may be able to escape. Humane trapping usually involves a large cage-like contraption that takes a great deal of effort to set up. You need to check on the trap regularly because if you do catch a raccoon it needs to be released asap or it may die of dehydration while trapped. And no one wants a dead raccoon in their attic. It’s not just the raccoon either, killing protected wildlife is illegal in Canada, so by killing the raccoon you would also be breaking the law.

e is illegal in Canada, so by killing the raccoon you would also be breaking the law.