Prevention Tips to Keep Skunks

Prevention Tips to Keep Skunks

Skunks are wild animals that may find their way into your home especially through your backyard into your basement or any other dark cum poorly lit area in your home. They are normally attracted by human garbage, insects, darkness and leftovers. Normally, skunks do not bite human beings, unless otherwise.

Irrespective of the fact that they do not bite, skunks are still a nuisance when they invade your home, most particularly due to the spray they release as a defensive mechanism when under attack, the spray is harmful to the human skin and also very irritating. It is for this reason that you may need tips on how to keep skunks away, read on for more details.

Prevention Tips to Keep Skunks Away

  • Seal holes

Skunks make their shelter in holes, so to keep them away is to ensure all possible holes in your home are properly sealed. This can be done by fencing or by the use of plywood or gravel to cover all the holes that they could use as their way in.

  • Use repellents

Natural repellents can also be used to keep skunks away. This will work effectively as soon as they touch, smell or taste the products. One of the natural repellents to consider is Critter rider with Nitro plus.

  • Add light

Since skunks prefer to live in totally dark areas, it is therefore advisable that you add light to your yard which will absolutely keep them away. Light is just one of the things they cannot put up with.

  • Use motion-activated sprinkles

This can be done by placing motion-activated sprinkles strategically on the locations you suspect skunk may want to live in.

  • Reduce attractants

This refers to minimizing anything that could possibly attract skunks into your yard. Therefore it calls upon you to close up your garbage bags, rake your yard as often as possible and pick up fruits that have fallen from your trees as soon as you notice them. By so doing there will be nothing left to attract skunks to your yard, cleanliness is key.

With all the above tips it is important to note that no particular method is self-sufficient to keep away skunks, therefore you should use more than one method for effective results. The more methods you use, the better your success.