How to Use a Squirrel Trap at Home

How to Use a Squirrel Trap at Home

If you’ve heard squirrel noises in your home, chances are that you will find them in your attic or wall voids. Regardless of where they may be, squirrels can indeed be quite a nuisance you’d rather do away with. They not only cause severe damage to your structure but also tend to be really noisy which can be embarrassing more so when you have guests around. There are a number of ways you can get rid of the bushy-tailed bandits – the most popular however is using special repeater traps to get the job done. So, how exactly is a squirrel trap used?

How to Use a Squirrel Trap:

Before embarking on anything else, it would be in your best interest to begin by finding out where exactly they are getting in and out – being that they zone out often in search of water and food. Once you have your entry hole, mount the special repeater trap right at the pathway leading to the hole. The special trap is designed to trap all the squirrels in a single shot.

You can also choose to mount numerous cage traps on your roof under the eaves, bolted to the fascia boards. The cage traps unfortunately, aren’t as efficient as repeater traps mainly because they tend to also catch non-target animals. Once all squirrels are out of your home and trapped, relocate them at least five miles away prior to returning home to seal up all gaps. For an effective procedure, seal up the primary hole you found completely and all other gaps for that matter. Next, clean up all nesting material where the squirrels had taken up residence and feces.

In a nutshell, handling squirrels is not in any way an easy feat to achieve and if you think the above steps bring forth a challenge you simply can’t handle, call in an expert to get the job done.