Raccoon behaviour in residential areas

Raccoon behaviour in residential areas

Over the past 80 years, raccoons have had a huge explosion in population. Some people say it because they are learning from us. They seem adept at manipulating the human world and their diet lets them eat literally anything. They hunt for food at night so the trash is easy to find and rarely locked up.

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They are happy to sleep in your attic or under your porch instead of their usual haunts like holes in trees. They are learning how to take advantage of our society. Right now there are more raccoons in suburban environments but that number is changing as raccoons are realizing that cities may be better places to find food and a warm place to sleep. Intelligence and persistence are a dangerous combination. 

The city also gives them many places to hide away. Ally ways and enumerable holes and entranceways to every possible space in the city. And once they get in, they will wreck the place.

The question is, how has their behaviour changed since leaving the wild. Well, raccoons have no natural predators in the city. All the predators are back in the wild. So they are free to move about at night without fear and get into people’s garbage and tip it over so it makes a terrible mess. They are also prone to living in human-made structures because of the heat and safety it provides. 

Raccoons are aggressive, and leaving the wild has done nothing to change that. If you approach a raccoon too close they will get angry and aggressive and they may even attack you. If they have rabies they may attack you for no reason so stay away from raccoons. They are very dangerous. 

And make sure to check your property for latrines, that’s a sign a raccoon is using your property as its den.