Why You Need to Clean Attic After Raccoons

Why You Need to Clean Attic After Raccoons

Raccoons are found in most of North America and have recently emerged in some parts of Europe and Japan.

They live in highly wooded areas that have access to water, lots of trees and lots of vegetation. The hollow trees are their dens. They are very adaptable living in suburban and urban areas, making homes in manmade structures like attics, sewers, barns and sheds.

They are active in night especially during summer, spring and fall.

Raccoons leave waste and fasces behind whenever they inhabit a place. Poop can be found in a heap in one place and sometimes it’s spread all over. They will urinate in one place and sometimes all over. Raccoon droppings are easy to pick because they are large. Sometimes they leave poop in areas that are not accessible. With urine, it is a bit more complicated because it is absorbed in the surface of where it happens. Urine may soak into the insulation or drywall made from wood. It is important to clean cocoon droppings for they produce a very bad smell and that can make it difficult to live in a place. Furthermore, they can make a place very unhygienic.

It is advisable not to touch fasces from raccoons or any other animal. This is because there are diseases that can be transmitted to humans from animal fasces. Food that is touched with or by animals will get contaminated with bacteria or protozoa. Cocoon fasces has roundworms which if you are infected with, can cause you to get blindness and other bad ailments.

Many animals’ wastes carry infections that humans are prone to. There are known 42 types of diseases. Leptospiral infection is one infection that works on insulation that may contain cocoon urine. leptospiral should be treated otherwise the reparations can be dire. Salmonella infection is also got from animal fasces and it causes a severe gastrointestinal infection which if not treated causes severe kidney damage in children.

Humans can easily pick roundworms from raccoons. The egg spores are light. This makes them airborne which means humans can easily breathe them in once they are in the air we breathe. This causes infections in the central nervous system. These eggs live a long time

Giardia Lamblia is a protozoa bacteria that cause diarrhea. Humans get it from food and water that is infected with raccoon excrement. You will also find other parasites like lice and fleas. Crystallization occurs with cocoon urine. When cleaning, you can use the fogging technique on the urine-soaked wood and add a dose or two of the cleaning agent you are using so that it can get soaked into the wood. This will aid in finishing the odour and protect the wood from further damage. From tearing of insulations, pipes destroying wood, cocoons are notorious in damaging.

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