Some Tips on How to Remove Squirrels

Some Tips on How to Remove Squirrels

Squirrels are common creatures in a majority of neighbourhood settings. They infest gardens, house among other places. They are destructive creatures when on your property. For instance, if they are in your garden, they destroy flowers, vegetables, and uproot seeds, and growing seedlings. When in your premises, especially in the attic region, they are noisy and destroy your property. Therefore, getting rid of these nuisance creatures is worth avoiding the destruction of your property. continue reading through this article for some tips on how to remove squirrels.


Trapping squirrels is one of the sure ways to ensure that you have removed squirrels from your property. Although it takes some time to trap all of them, the method is sure and guaranteed. Use small-sized steel cage traps at the entrance points of the squirrels. Seal all other entry points to leave only the main entrance. After trapping, safely relocate the animal to the right place. You can contact the nearest wildlife office to help you take them out.

Use repellent

Repellents deter these animals from their habits. Repellents are manufactured using the urine of squirrels’ predators. When they smell these chemicals, they will assume that the predator is near. They will relocate from that place for their safety. You can use repellents anywhere these creatures have infested.

Sounds and light

Squirrels like hiding in dark and silent places. They will not live in areas with noise and well lit. Therefore, use ultrasonic gadgets on the entry points and the dwelling areas of these creatures. Ensure that the attic of your house is well-lit throughout.

Use motion sprinklers

Motion sprinklers are good when used in the garden. They will deter not only squirrels but all animals such as hare, deer, among others that try to enter your garden. Put several motion sprinklers in points and pathways that squirrels use to get into your garden.


Put a wire mesh fence around your property. if you surround your property with a fence, it will be hard for squirrels to enter. Put the wire mesh fence, at least, one foot on the ground. A squirrel will not dig beyond that level.

The above methods are effective in getting rid of squirrels from your property. Some like fencing and use of motion sprinklers will prevent further infestation whiles others such as the use of repellent will push squirrels out of your property. However, if the infestation is too much, call squirrel removal professionals in Guelph to help them relocate these creatures. As aforementioned, squirrels are a nuisance and destructive.