How to Get Rid Of Raccoons Under Deck

How to Get Rid Of Raccoons Under Deck

Knowing how to get rid of raccoons under deck or within your facility in Canada could be a major challenge. Do you know 20 times more raccoons reside in urban centers today than there was over five decades ago? And worse hit is Toronto; with the highest attraction of raccoons in Canada and around the world. And because these nocturnal furry scavengers feed on almost anything; it makes your home an easy attraction. They wreak havoc on garbage bins, crops, and gardens; eating nuts, fruits, eggs, seafood, frogs, insects, larvae, snails, etc. Raccoons under the deck; tip over and in the process destroy your trash can, dig up your yard, etc.

It is likely you already have a raccoon problem and thinking of the best method to get raccoons out. But removing raccoons from your deck must be done with caution. You need to ensure minimal damage to the property or animal, in line with public regulations. But for best results, you should consult the services of a professional raccoon removal Guelph company. However, this article provides the best approach to get rid of raccoons under your facility.


Why You Need to Clean Attic After Raccoons

Raccoons are found in most of North America and have recently emerged in some parts of Europe and Japan.

They live in highly wooded areas that have access to water, lots of trees and lots of vegetation. The hollow trees are their dens. They are very adaptable living in suburban and urban areas, making homes in manmade structures like attics, sewers, barns and sheds.

They are active in the night especially during summer, spring and fall. (more…)

Raccoon Control – What You Need to Know

Are you tired of the noisy and destructive raccoons that have invaded and destroyed your yard, emptied your bird feeders and knocked over your trash cans? Raccoons are nuisance pest species that have habits of living in human dwellings and known to cause a lot of mess and damage to the yard and property if uncontrolled. Unfortunately, most people rarely understand what they need to do to control raccoons in the long term making the invasion a perennial problem that they have to deal with now and then. The best raccoon control measure is to devise a strategy that will help you get rid of raccoons in the long term, which is only possible if you take the time to understand their habitat, skills and effective long-term removal remedies that will stop making your property attractive to them.


How To Get Rid Of Raccoons From Your Garden

Eliminating raccoons from your garden can be as simple as cleaning up your garden or as drastic as using of traps. Other methods are using deterrents & exclusion, like fencing off the garden.

Whilst you may usually come across the raccoons’ mischievous activities in your garden, they will also get into your pet’s food or garbage cans. Therefore it is a wise idea to secure trash cans or garbage lids so the animals are unable to open them. Plus, any pet food should be kept away at night when these animals are most active. (more…)